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There are many different ways of attaching the legs to the base of a piece of wooden furniture; below you may find those most commonly used.

Pictures 1 and 2 show the fastening of a wooden leg to a base using a very popular dual-thread screw screwed permanently into the upper surface of the leg. In the base of a piece of furniture an insert nut or a T-nut is placed. This method is applied mostly to turned legs or legs of symmetrical cross-section.

The pictures No. 3 and 4 present the assembly method similar to the previous one but reinforced with a screw placed obliquely to the base of a piece of furniture. Screw fulfils two functions - it presents the leg from rotating around the leg axis and reinforced the joint when the upper surface of the leg is not too large.

The pictures 5 and 6 show a traditional fixing with a long screw positioned in the through hole of the leg; the deepening of the hole makes the head of the screw hidden. The tool you need most frequently is hex L-6 key.