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Kinds of wood and their use

A few sentences about the types of wood that we use in production.

BIRCH (Betula– łac)
Birch has good mechanical properties. It can be well machined with a wood lathe. It burns even when wet. Used in the furniture industry, paper industry and wood processing industry. It is moderately hard and heavy. Used for plywood, carpeting, furniture; historically it was used to produce wheels. Also used for dry distillation and the production of charcoal.

COMMON BEECH (Fagus sylvatica– łac)
Beech wood is hard, heavy and cohesive. It has a very wide application in technology. It provides excellent furniture material and is also suitable for flooring, plywood and chipboard. Used for the manufacturing of barrels, boxes, tools, machine parts, sport equipment and many everyday appliances. The chemical industry uses it for the production of paper, wood vinegar, charcoal and tar oil. Suitable for turning

OAK (Quercus– łac)
Oak wood, relatively heavy and hard, is widely used for interior joinery and furniture. Due to its abrasion resistance it is well suited for the manufacture of flooring woodblocks. Products made of oak wood darken over time from water in a natural way, and due to the tannin content they easily react with certain chemical agents, especially paints (salts, acids, bases). Oak wood has a tendency to break at high frost due to high internal stresses. Oak wood is perfect for interior woodwork, but it is very risky to use it outdoors, especially for windows and doors.

ASH (Fraxinus– łac)
Ash wood is hard, flexible and heavy; it is used in joinery, furniture and violin-making. Dark ash is harder and more durable than oak. There are 16 shades of ash wood. The darker the harder.

PINE (Pinus– łac)
Pine wood is easy to work with, flexible; has good mechanical strength. Historically it was used as a material for power transmission poles in the energy industry, pit props or railway sleepers. The wood is commonly used in carpentry and for the production of paper, plywood and wood wool. Common pine wood is suitable for interior veneers, windows and doors, floors or furniture.